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        List of Global FoodMate membership services

        services items\ membership Individual Company VIP
        charge form free free annual
        annual fee -- -- 2000 USD/year
        displayed information Buying Leads | Selling Leads | Buying Leads | Selling Leads | Buying Leads |
        VIP logo
        priority listing in search result
        recommend products in homepage
        online trade
        top in product search
        establish company shop
        custom company homepage
        custom company templates
        customer service
        business opportunities booking
        send email
        inbox capacity 20 50 500
        internal messages per day 10 20 100
        enquiry times per day 5 10 50
        quotation times per day 0 3 20
        Num. of business partners 10 50 200
        Num. of transaction alert 3 5 10
        Num. of business opportunities favorites 20 50 100
        Num. of supply info 30 200 1000
        Num. of purchasing info 3 30 unlimited
        Num. of investment promotion info 3 5 unlimited
        Num. of exhibition info 3 5 unlimited
        Num. of news 3 5 unlimited
        Num. of upload info 3 5 unlimited
        services items\ membership Individual Company VIP
        upgrade online
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        * company name:
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